Gamification in Youthwork

Gamification in Youthwork

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Hello, dear learner.

In this short e-learning you will:

  • Learn about concepts like play, game, gamification (more info in this Manual)
  • Read about how you can use gamification in your context (namely at community level, in a school setting or in the university)
  • Get familiar with and freely download our products - Gamified Learning Content (see Materials section above) and gamED board game (see Materials section above)
  • Learn (or refresh your memory) with 2 important elements related to education: KOLB learning cycle and debriefing - why it is important and how to do it right

The downloadable material is preceded by a theoretical input, for which references are presented in brackets and cited in the References section. 

Please take from what you read whatever you consider relevant for your context, your needs, and the youth you work with.