In this section you can find information about our collaborators who played an important role in creating this platform, as either trainers in the courses or as authors of the materials available in the platform.

  • Ilias Michail Rafail

    is a Counselor/Psychologist (PhD.c at Panteion University and BA at University of Athens) and an Adult Educator (M.Ed at Hellenic Open University). He works - among others, as a Scientific Responsible/Training Director at IASIS NGO, as a Training Director at KEK IEKEP and as a Project Manager in National and European Training and Consulting Programs.

  • Eric Kota

    Eric Kota is a Psychologist, Trainer and Youth Worker. He works as a Researcher and Designer of European project of various funded frameworks (Erasmus+, CERV, AMIF, EuropeAid & HORIZON) in the research and development department of AmKE IASIS in the fields of education, social inclusion, digital transformation and sustainable development.

  • Gabriel Mareș

    Is lecturer at University “Vasilie Alecsandri” of Bacau, he has a Bachelor`s Degree in Educational Sciences and a Bachelor`s Degree in Psychology, a Master`s Degree in Communication and a Ph.D. in Educational Sciences.

  • Eirini Symeonidou

    Holds a Master in International Child Studies, specialized in International Child Rights and Development from King’s College London

  • Thelma Rún van Erven

    Graduated as a psychologist (cand.psych) from the University of Iceland in 2017 and she has been working at the Counselling and Diagnosis Centre (CDC) since then at the Division of Children and Adolescence

  • María Jónsdóttir

    Has a MA degree in social work (2010) and certification as a specialist working with disabled people (2016). She has also certification as a Peers® and Keep safe® trainer

  • Pop Anamaria Gabriela

    Pop Anamaria Gabriela has a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education since 2008.

  • Iolanda Sztrelenczuk

    Iolanda Sztrelenczuk has a Bachelor Degree in Literature and has been teaching for more than 20 years.

  • Ph. D. Roxana Cardos

    Psychologist certified in clinical psychology and psychotherapy

  • Ph. D. Anca Dobrean

    Head of Department – Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy/ Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Babes-Bolyai University