HEDY Module 4 – Legal and policy aspects related to health education of children with disabilities

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In the MODULE 4 you will find:

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The content of this module

  1. Sub-Module No. 1 - Fundamental Universal Rights with basis to self-determined sexuality and reproductive health
  2. Sub-Module No. 2 - EU Framework for the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  3. Sub-Module No. 3 -  Relevant regional / national legislation
  4. Sub-Module No. 4 - Promoting sexual and reproductive rights of people with disabilities: Awareness raising and Advocacy examples
  5. Sub-Module No. 5 - Promising practices on sexual rights of people with disabilities
  6. Further resources


  • Legal bases of sexual rights for people with disabilities globally
  • The regional / national sexual relevant legislation
  • The main local and national contact points and counseling centers for sexual rights, sexual health and sexual education for people with disabilities
  • Advocacy examples on sexual rights of people with disabilities
  • Tips on how to communicate this topic with parents and raise awareness
  • How to advocate for your students and ways to teach them to best self-advocate
  • Promising practices on sexual education for students with disabilities across the EU.


Sexual self-determination, sexual and reproductive health, self-determined partnership, family planning and parenthood - these rights are global rights and they apply as well to non-disabled people as to all people with disabilities - regardless of nature and gravity of the impairment and the limitations caused by it.