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Adapted Accessibility for All (3A) / Intro

The quick adaptation to the critical situation created by Covid-19 pandemics is challenged by the disparities in the access to technology of both learners and teachers and by the lack of know- how & support within the teachers community. Vulnerable children and vulnerable schools such as special schools and rural communities are the most affected by the sudden change in the learning environment.

Having this in mind, the idea of Adapted Accessibility for All – 3A shaped in our minds.  We realized that educators need a set of digital competences specific to their profession in order to be able to seize the potential of digital technologies for enhancing and innovating education, with a focus on inclusion of students with special educational needs.

Alternative digitale pentru profesorii din școlile speciale

February 21, 2023

Începând cu luna martie 2021, ne-am unit forțele cu Asociația Color Your Dreams din România

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Suport pentru profesorii din școlile speciale și elevii cu nevoi speciale prin proiectului Adaptated Accesibility for All

December 6, 2022

La începutul pandemiei, când totul s-a mutat în mediul online, profesorii din școlile speciale cu

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Adapted Accessibility for All (3A) / Description

The project is implemented by Color Your Dreams Association – Romania, in partnership with the School Center for Inclusive Education Târgu Jiu Romania, Mustafa Asim Cula Ortaokulu School from Turkey, the Posebno osnovno uciliste “Dr. Zlatan Sremec” School – The Republic of North Macedonia and the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation for a period of 24 months (March 2021 – February 2023).

The aim of the project is to foster the accessibility and inclusion of students with special education needs to quality online education, thus the name of the project – 3A (Adapted Accessibility for All).

In order to do so, the following objectives have been set:

O1 – Develop the capacity of at least 120 teachers from at least 40 educational institutes from 3 partner countries to adapt teaching the disciplines of Mathematics, Self-care abilities, Communication and language abilities and Exploring the environment in special education classes and integrated special education for secondary level education, for students with mild to moderate disabilities;

O2 – Integrate the newly adapted curriculums for 4 disciplines in secondary education in the didactic design within at least 15 schools in 3 partner countries;

O3 – Equip at least 120 educational institutions (centers for special education, schools with special education classes and integrated special education) with motivation and resources on how to further adapt the teaching of Mathematics, Self-care abilities, Communication and language abilities and Exploring the environment to the needs of students with special learning needs, with mild to moderate disabilities.

Intelectual outputs 

 IO1 – Redesign of curriculums for 4 main disciplines for 2 categories of special educational needs (Autism, Down Syndrome, oligophrenias) – light to moderate intellectual disabilities for secondary education (all 4 grades) for both special education and integrated special education classes in terms of methods, tools and evaluation methodology that would allow teachers to teach them exclusively online.

IO2 – Tutorials for teachers to use the new teaching methodologies in special education classes and integrated special education.

Adapted Accessibility for All (3A) / Courses
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Adapted Accessibility for All


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